Playing with fire: Steel black waxed heart

How to make a steel black waxed heart.

Start the fire

heart 1

Use 25mm x 6mm x 495mm steel bar.

Find the half way point which is the centre point between the 2 curves.

Centre Punch Dot

Make a centre punch dot by hammering a centre punch on the cold bar at the centre point at the top which can be seen when the bar is hot.

image 20

Heat it up in the middle and use the scroll wrench combined with the anvil horns to bend it into a V shape.

image 2
image 4

Use the hollow bit tongs to hold the end.

image 21

Heat up again and hammer the V shape flat with no space between the bars.

image 2
image 6
image 5

Fire welding

Heat up off centre quite deep on both sides until the surface is wet and molten – exploding sparks shows it’s at melting point but be quick so it doesn’t burn – then hammer to fuse the atoms together.

Join the metal an inch up.

The bar is now fused by an inch up to the crack.

image 8

Creating the curve

image 7

Heat up the welded end and put it in the vice.

image 9

Bend the two ends out.

Cool the end in water.

image 17

Hammer both ends into points.

Don’t creep over the edge when hammering.

image 11

Once both ends are pointed warm up the whole bar.

image 18

Get two smaller gap square scroll wrenches for  more detailed work and bend the bar into a curve.

image 13

Lie it flat and draw around the heart to make it symmetrical.

Bend the other side into shape using the anvil horns and the scroll wrenches.

image 12
image 14
image 19

Descale it using the electric wire brush.

image 15

Black wax the heart.

image 16