My work explores our relationship to societal norms, the forbidden, and our desire to be admired and accepted – all questioned and manipulated through colour, texture and scale. Through binding a mix of precious and mundane objects with rope, ribbon and steel, I create monstrous but familiar household items. Tampered sumptuous fabrics and furs, seemingly exquisite representations of our desires, tempt but ultimately disappoint.

Drawings with intense dark backgrounds made up of layers of graphite, are rubbed out to reveal people’s favourite possessions – fleeting memories of satisfaction and peace floating in an abyss.

Recent paintings combine elements of both my sculpture and drawing. They play with scale, combining gestural sweeping strokes with fine detail, subdued tones contrasting with flashes of brilliant colour. They use metaphor and symbol to describe characters where trust, acts of kindness and unconditional love transcend a murky and menacing world of obligation, contracts and rules.

  • Oil painting of a black knight chess piece.
    Painting: Black Knight 2 from the Players series.