Anatomy of civil engineering

This 30 metre mobile was installed in the Institution of Civil Engineers atrium, exhibited during London Festival of Architecture, 19 June – 4 July 2010.

Each component represented a key infrastructure project developed by consultancies within the capital.  These projects included: Thames Water’s London Tideway Tunnels pumping station; King’s Cross station roof; the Infinity Bridge; the Halley VI Antarctic Research Station; the London 2012 Olympic stadium; the qr5 wind turbine, the Xstrata Treetop Walkway at Kew Gardens; the Eel Net Bridge; the Velvet Mill; the Martello Tower and the Hy-pavilion.

The participating consultancies were Price & Myers, AECOM, Arup, Expedition, Buro Happold, quietrevolutionTM and Jane Wernick Associates.