Gallery: St Clement's Hospital, Bow 2013

Dimensions: 3m x 3m x 4m

Date: 2012

Materials: Steel, children’s pants, speaker wire, sawdust

It’s a huge shopping bag. Larger than life, it bears down over the viewer. The dynamic outline suggests it is bulging with treats, suggesting plenty and pleasure. At first glance it’s empty but look close up and you discover the bag is made of cute children’s pants, small and fragile. These are the items of clothing, worn close the skin and not seen. They carry pictures of fairies, cartoon characters, superheroes and princesses. They announce ‘Puppy Love’ ‘Cutest Kitten Around’, ‘Football Chick’ and ‘Shop Till You Drop’. It turns out that the bag is a holdall of children’s fantasies and society’s restrictions.

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All artwork by Miranda Housden