Angel’s Trumpet

Gallery: St Clements Hospital, Bow (2013)

Dimensions: 1.5m x 1m x 1m

Date: 2012

Materials: Steel, angel delight (foam), Barbie underwear, horse, berries, doughnuts, cakes, sweets, fruit

Datura Metel is locally referred to as an angel’s trumpet and by others, a devil’s trumpet. It looks like an elaborate cornucopia/horn of plenty. The plant belongs to the witches’ weeds along with deadly nightshade. It was also used to make poisonous arrowheads, in divination ceremonies and women used to rub the juice into their eyes to enlarge their pupils to enhance their beauty.

The horn of plenty is a symbol of fertility, prosperity and abundance, a precursor to the unicorn and the Holy Grail. The horn has supernatural powers, which gives whoever possesses it whatever they want.

This sculpture contrasts the nurturing safe and fragile world of early childhood with the enticing, tempting fantasy of growing up and its more sober reality.

This piece was exhibited as part of Compulsion at Shuffle Festival in 2013.

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All artwork by Miranda Housden